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A new GIS solutions provider on the IT market in Romania

Geospatial technology, an innovative strategic component for the business segment and the solution for the complex problems in the public sector

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Essensys Software, privately owned Romanian company with 13 years of experience on the software and IT services market has recently become Esri Romania official partner and is now one of the two partners in the country that provide GIS (Geographical Information Systems) services. Essensys therefore joins an elite circle of international partners and adds a new competence to its portfolio of services and technologies.

Most of us use daily applications like Google Maps, Waze or others in order to find an unfamiliar address or to reach a certain restaurant. Therefore, if we want a relatively simplistic definition, GIS puts things on the map. An actual and easy-to-see example of GIS applicability is the planning of a new railway or a motorway route. If we introduce topographic and environmental parameters into a GIS platform, the system will highlight the best transport route according to soil and relief characteristics, the lowest impact on the habitat and the least discomfort for the local population. The GIS system will also monitor the entire infrastructure and traffic conditions.

GIS systems integrate large varieties of data, analyze and organize them visually using 3D maps and models, thus revealing complex strategic connections that help decision makers make better decisions. GIS has multiple and diverse uses which cover evident areas such as transportation, telecommunications, real estate, agriculture or natural resources, but also others that are not so obvious in the first instance, such as health services, banking or advertising.

With the accelerated growth of the internet and growing access to smart mobile devices, phones, tablets etc., GIS technology has become indispensable and is now a valuable tool in the strategic decision-making process. At international level, in the US and other European countries, a lot of resources are being invested in developing and integrating this technology in as many areas as possible. Romania has also made significant progresses in recent years, and Essensys Software aims to help maintain or even accelerate this upward trend.

"Essensys is a premium provider of end-to-end software solutions and services. In addition to cloud and mobile, our service portfolio now also includes GIS. A strategic combination of technical expertise that gives us a privileged position in the market, being among the few software providers that offer integrated solutions that include mobile, cloud and GIS applications."

Mihai Matei, CEO of Essensys Software.

Essensys Software provides end-to-end GIS solutions and consulting services. We deliver complete services from consultancy to implementation: analysis of customer needs and requirements, system design, system architecture, solution development and deployment, training, maintenance and upgrade. The team's technical expertise extends to geospatial technologies and several related fields such as Remote sensing, UAV or GPS measurements.

Our GIS specialists accumulate more than 15 years of experience in the field and are recognized at national and international level for their contribution to the development of GIS in Romania. The entire technical team has many GIS Professional certifications, has recognized expertise in the implementation of the European Commission's INSPIRE Directive in Romania and has extensive international working experience thanks to the projects implemented, experience exchanges and participation in conferences and various specialized competitions.